Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On the phone now with AT&T

Ok, if I were to cancel now, it is only $130. So if I buy the new iPhone I pay $499 + $18. If I cancel, I pay $130 + $299, only $429!

So you tell me, does it make sense? I ask the guy on the phone to give me a good reason why AT&T would charge more than the cancellation fee to upgrade, and even before I give him a chance to answer, I tell him I know he does not have an answer.

Supervisor got on the phone. Of course the answer was that they can not do a thing because of the contract with Apple. So I said how about giving a deal on the AT&T services. No, he can't do that either.

Ok, I said, what about your supervisor? "I will have him call you, but he is out of the office until Monday" Ok, his supervisor? Ok, he can call you within 24 hours

But there is nothing any of them can do.

So he gives me the "Is there anything else I can do to help?" and I say, well, you have not done anything to help yet, so how can there be anything else?

And we go around like this for a minute or two, he says that this call is being very unproductive. And I hang up

Over it already

Stay tuned for my next steps.......

i am also really disappointed with ATT n Apple.
Harry/Paul - what do you think is a fair price for you to pay for the 3GS? And why?
It's simple. If you go out and buy a new iphone for $500 with 1 year left on your contract, that doesn't help AT&T, they see no profit. If you cancel you current plan and sign up for a new 2-year plan, you add an extra year to your obligation to AT&T, which is why you can get it cheaper that way. I may be wrong, but it seems simple to me.
Here is my guess. Looking ONLY at the financial aspect.
Let's say the 3G and 3GS have a full, non-subsidized cost of $700.
So last year, ATT says you can have the 3G for $200 as long as you pay them $250 for each of two years (in the form of a two year contract) = $700.
Today, after one year, you have paid ATT $200 + $250 = $450 with $250 still to pay over the last year of the contract. If you are allowed to cancel your contract now at no charge, get the 3GS for $200 and start another 2 year contract, ATT will be 'out' $250.
If you do the same thing next year, ATT is out another $250.

So really, the issue is the $250 that is not paid to ATT during the second year of the contract.
And you contend this $250 should be waived for existing customers.

If 1 million existing customers do this = $250 million. But, (is my math correct) and is ATT getting $500 million worth of bad press? :)
so you committed to 2 years to get a 300$ discount on your iphone. and now less than a year later you should be able to get out of the deal you signed because there is a new iphone with a few more features. you want them to throw in free phone service for life also? get a grip. you made a deal. if you want the new phone, pay the money. cancelling and renewing is less because it locks you in for 2 more years. which you probably won't want to honor anyway.

sorry, no sympathy here.
lol, you sign a 2-year contract and then bitch about having to honor that 2-year contract? Classy.
yes. it is interesting that because of the fact that you are in a contract (loyal customer), you feel you have the right to break that contract, and break it without penalty.
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