Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here we go again.........

So, 2 and half hours into the syncing, it was about 60% through the back up.....and low and beholf, someone calls me!!! Shit, I did not answer the phone, but I guess that stops the process anyway. And itunes reported "backing up iphone".....from scratch!! OH NO!

Guess what, time to call tech support!

On the phone now with Andrew Raymond at Apple Tech Support.....I explained what happened, he said that if I have facebook on my iphone, facebook saves every picture I have ever looked at on the phone and that is what is taking so long. BS of course

He said uninstall facebook and re-sync. BUT I CAN'T SYNC! Cause the initial back up is taking years....

"Do you mind if I put you on hold" he asks and I say yes......

2 minutes, he comes back....what USB port do you have the phone plugged in? The one on the front? I say "No, on the side, it's a MacBook"

Have you tried rebooting the phone and computer.........?

No, let's try it.....

While we are rebooting, he asks if I have played with any of the new features yet, making small talk? OF COURSE NOT, it has been backing up for the past 3 hours!!!!

Back on hold........

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