Saturday, April 4, 2009


iPhone can merge calendars

So, i think since i upgraded to itunes 8.1, my iphone and my mac book stopped syncing calendars. Finding time here and there, every once and a while, i spent time searching the apple forums and internet for a solution.

Once vagua posting on the apple forums offers a solution that says "may" work. And of course it doesn't.

So now it's Saturday and I say, let's waste some more time and call Apple Tech Support. The first technician found the same article and of course, it does not work.

Now I am on the phone and have been escalated to Eric who is now trying to help me solve the problem. Since the time i have not symced, I have added probably 200 appointments on my iphone and maybe 10 - 20 on my macbook.

Eric says that we have to replace the iphone data with the computer!!!! NO ! NO ! NO!.

I tell him that the iphone is more current, but apparently the replacing process only goes one way.

He says I manually have to enter the data into my computer! I ask how I can print the appointments from my phone so that I can enter them, of course knowing this can not be done

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