Saturday, April 4, 2009


wow, he called back

Ok, Eric wants to try something else. Need to reinstall itunes 8.1. Downloaded it, installing now, says it will take 1 hour 14 wait, now 1 hour 23 minutes...

ok, let it run, I let Eric give me his email to shoot him off a message when it is done. He will call me back, right? :)


no go

well, itunes 8.0.1 has the same issue....2 hours on the phone. Eric is going to digg around and see what else might work. I do not want to have to type in all these appointments

will Eric call me back?


still on the phone

Ok, we are trying itunes 8.0.1. We went to reset isync history, and isync appears to be doing something.

And, I noticed, the date of the upgrade was 3/18 as well as when the calendar stopped working. Hopefully it is itunes 8.1!


iphone saga continues

Well, I have been on the phone with Eric from Tech Support for a good maybe 30-40-50 minutes. We just tried making a new account and only sync the calendar data from the phone .....and.....guess, what? Doesn't work. Is the calendar corrupt on the iphone?

We are running out of options.

Is it iTunes 8.1? Will rolling back to itunes 8.0 work?

Eric is back.


iphone can not merge data

So, Eric does say that there are a few other things we can try before we are left with wiping the iphone. Hmmmm, I wonder if they will work.

that does not work.... DAMN

next attempt - rename SyncServices Folder and resyncing now


iPhone can merge calendars

So, i think since i upgraded to itunes 8.1, my iphone and my mac book stopped syncing calendars. Finding time here and there, every once and a while, i spent time searching the apple forums and internet for a solution.

Once vagua posting on the apple forums offers a solution that says "may" work. And of course it doesn't.

So now it's Saturday and I say, let's waste some more time and call Apple Tech Support. The first technician found the same article and of course, it does not work.

Now I am on the phone and have been escalated to Eric who is now trying to help me solve the problem. Since the time i have not symced, I have added probably 200 appointments on my iphone and maybe 10 - 20 on my macbook.

Eric says that we have to replace the iphone data with the computer!!!! NO ! NO ! NO!.

I tell him that the iphone is more current, but apparently the replacing process only goes one way.

He says I manually have to enter the data into my computer! I ask how I can print the appointments from my phone so that I can enter them, of course knowing this can not be done

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