Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Welcome to America

Ok, let's try another number, and another number and another number.....time flies when you are travelling around the globe.

Probably another 30 minutes later, and I finally was able to talk to America! God Bless Us!

Since I was already pretty beat down from travelling to India so many times, I decided to go with the flow initially with Tom (not his real name) Privett at Dell Laser printer tech support. I let him go through his standard troubleshooting tech support screen ...

pause - talking to Jason Holloway @ DELL ILS Support right now


Firmware Update

Dell used to publish firmware updates in nice little .bin files you would download and install from the interface on the printer. I guess too many stupid people out there, so they decided to bundle the .bin with an installer.

I downloaded the little program, ran it and it went to look for the printer. None found! I said ok, let me look for the .bin and do it manually. Of course, it is nowhere to be found on the dell site. Shit, I said, well, let's have some fun, get aggravated, and call Dell Tech Support (OH NO! Do I really want to do it)

Ok, I made the call to the generic 800-WWW-DELL - Welcome to India!!!!! of course, the usual run-around, what's the express service code, what's the service tag? is it a desktop or a laptop? a printer? oh no, that always confuses them, and about 5 times in a row, you get put on hold, told you will be transferred to the right department, only to end up back where you started.

This went on probably for a good 30 minutes.........


Ok - Dell this time!

Well, another nightmare of tech support! This time with Dell and a 1815dn MF Laser.

We have had the printer for about 2 years, it came with a nice feature of being able to email every incoming fax. Set it up, it worked great!

For some reason it stopped emailing 3 weeks ago. Finally got around to looking into the settings to see if maybe someone changed something. All looked good and I figure while there, I would update the firmware.


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