Friday, December 12, 2008




Bad iSight

So I have this iSight camera that broke. I called Apple Care (do they) on Thursday to see what my options where as far as repair/replacement. Since there are no options when you call to get iSight repair, the nice lady transferred me to Desktop support.

Wrong, but what choice did I have? So after talking to the guy for about 30 minutes (most of that time on hold listening to Apple's famous scratchy music), he comes back and asks me for my address. I start to give it to him, and we get disconnected. He of course does not call back

I call back, get Rachel on the phone, tell her I just wasted my time, asked her if the nice guy might have put notes on my account. Lo and behold, no notes. So I explain the whole story to her, after 45 minutes she says "Ok, we will send a new camera" and I gave her my info. Yippee!!!!!

On my way home, driving, my cel phone rings - it's Rachel. "I just need the serial number on the camera"

"Where is it?" I ask.

She doesn't know. As I am driving, I am looking for the serial number on the camera. Can't find it. I ask her if she can call back in 20 minutes as I will be home and will be able to better look. Of course she says "No" (probably cause it is the end of her day and she wants to go home)

So as I am driving and looking, and she is trying to find more info as to where the serial number is, I get home.

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