Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here and Now

Still on the phone with Nelson B at Apple (I won't give up his contact info yet). So he took all my info again, my credit card #, etc. He said that he now has all the info to process the order, and said I should be getting an email TOMORROW with 2 forms that need to be signed before anything is done. I was told this too many times, so I am now on hold waiting for his supervisor.


Monday Night Flash Back

Corey ( left the voice mail on my cel phone. I called her back about 10 minutes later, got her voice mail. She leaves a pretty useless message saying that she works from 8am to 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, but fails to leave which TimeZone. I leave her a nice message to call me back.

No word Monday Night, ok, that's fine
No word Tuesday morning, ok, that's fine

I call her back Tuesday at noon - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 2pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 4pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 6pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back

Well, now it's late, not matter what time zone she is in, according to her message, if I do not reach her Tuesday, she will not be back until Friday!

So, once again i call the ever annoying 800-APL-CARE, days on hold, explain the story, etc, finally get to someone who gets me in touch with Robert Henderson ( I explain to Robert the situation, he apologizes, something Apple seems to do alot lately, and this is where we discover that all the contact info (email, shipping address) that Rob the Apple Tech Support guy put on my case was all incorrect!!!! Corey had sent an email about the case, but no to me, to someone else out there!!!! So Robert forwards the email to me, said he would stay on top of this issue and see it through to the end. Well, that was the first and only time I heard from Robert Henderson @ Apple ( Thanks for the support Robert

(Still on hold with Nelson, not letting him go until I get a positive solution, not just stories - just asked for his supervisor) (I HATE STATIC MUSIC ON HOLD, APPLE)

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