Thursday, September 25, 2008


Flash Back.... Sunday Night....and here and now again

So, Robert says on Sunday that someone will get back to me on Monday.

Monday night around 7pm EST, I get a call on my cel phone from 512-674-2000. I missed the call


Back to now, Nelson had me on hold, Robert called me back, I put Nelson on hold, Robert could not get a hold of David Penn. I gave him Taryn Basauri ( number 800-APL-CARE 88 x7385
(Taryn Basauri  CPU T2  Boise  Ext. 7385  Reggie Camps). He said he would try and call her but there is nothing else he could do.

Now back with Nelson, he said he is going to process the whole thing again. Replacing the MacBook Pro 2.5 with the same unit. I said no, I said I had given Taryn my credit card for the MacBook Pro 2.6 $250 upgrade. He now has said he was going to put me on hold for 2 to 3 minutes and asked me if that is ok, of course I said No, so I am not on hold, just listening to him breathe.

He has come back and said it is going to take him a couple minutes more, and is still beathing.

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