Thursday, September 25, 2008


Finally, Approval for a replacement

(Apple Care update - 5 minutes on hold with James)

So Rob explains to me that he can put the approval for a replacement MacBook Pro. I am so happy!!!!

He enters my phone number and stuff in his system, he explains that the replacement department is closed, as it was Sunday, but that they would call me on Monday with all the information

UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE - Breaking News

Ok, while still on hold with James, a Natalie from Apple called me on my cel phone. Sarah (the previous Apple Tech person who hung up on me) had given Natalie my info to call me to help get this resolved. While talking to Natalie, another incoming Apple call came in on my iPhone, and Low-and-Behold - it's Robert!!! - Apple Technician who approved the replacement system!

We discussed how somehow his original went through with an incorrect email address and ship to address. Robert just told me he was going to talk to David Penn and get right back to me

Ok, 2 minutes late, Nelson has now called me, James the last Apple Care guy who had me on hold for 20 minutes, while Natalie and Robert called, has apologized for all the problems and resolves to fix everything - I DOUBT IT

He has now taken my Ship To and Email address again! and promised to get back to me! I have of course said no! Put me on hold, tell me where to send this LEMON back to and lets move on!

I am now on hold

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