Thursday, September 25, 2008


And we continue

Still on hold with Sarah from Apple Care

So, I recently moved, had to wait for Time Warner to install cable for internet. Time Warner finally did install 2 weeks ago. I install a new just-bought Apple Express. I power up my Macbook Pro and I am surfing away.

I then power up my Mac Mini - and low and behold - no internet on my Macbook Pro!!

Oh no, it still does not work. And I notice that the screen on the Macbook Pro will go dim if you touch the cover. They messed it up even more at the Apple Store! This is ridiculous!

So last Sunday I call Apple Care once again. I give them the existing case number, and guess what? They do not want to talk to me cause it is past the 90 days of free support!!!!

(Shit, Apple Care just hung up on me after about 15 minutes of hold - thanks alot Sarah!!!!) Gotta call back

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