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Flash Back to Wednesday (while the Static Music on Hold Continues)

So, Wednesday I start replying to Corey's email (wirecorey@apple), cc'ing Rob Henderson ( and just for the heck of it, throwing in a few,, etc.

Hey, why not, right?


Back to now. Nick has supposedly walked over to the department that needs to be contacted and talked to people there. They are going to get back to him now. (Even though 10 minutes earlier Nick had told me the department was gone for the day)

So I stupidly have just taken Nick's word that he will get back to me by 7pm my time


Nick from Apple

Now on the phone with Nick from Apple, Nelson's supervisor?

Nick has such a nice soothing voice, I guess that is why he gets escalated calls. Calmly he apologizes and feels my pain, verifies my contact information and promises to go see what he can do.

"Ok, Paul, I will let you go"

"Oh No", I retort. I am not letting you go until I get this resolved.



Here and Now

Still on the phone with Nelson B at Apple (I won't give up his contact info yet). So he took all my info again, my credit card #, etc. He said that he now has all the info to process the order, and said I should be getting an email TOMORROW with 2 forms that need to be signed before anything is done. I was told this too many times, so I am now on hold waiting for his supervisor.


Monday Night Flash Back

Corey ( left the voice mail on my cel phone. I called her back about 10 minutes later, got her voice mail. She leaves a pretty useless message saying that she works from 8am to 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, but fails to leave which TimeZone. I leave her a nice message to call me back.

No word Monday Night, ok, that's fine
No word Tuesday morning, ok, that's fine

I call her back Tuesday at noon - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 2pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 4pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back
I call her back Tuesday at 6pm - voice mail - leave message - no call back

Well, now it's late, not matter what time zone she is in, according to her message, if I do not reach her Tuesday, she will not be back until Friday!

So, once again i call the ever annoying 800-APL-CARE, days on hold, explain the story, etc, finally get to someone who gets me in touch with Robert Henderson ( I explain to Robert the situation, he apologizes, something Apple seems to do alot lately, and this is where we discover that all the contact info (email, shipping address) that Rob the Apple Tech Support guy put on my case was all incorrect!!!! Corey had sent an email about the case, but no to me, to someone else out there!!!! So Robert forwards the email to me, said he would stay on top of this issue and see it through to the end. Well, that was the first and only time I heard from Robert Henderson @ Apple ( Thanks for the support Robert

(Still on hold with Nelson, not letting him go until I get a positive solution, not just stories - just asked for his supervisor) (I HATE STATIC MUSIC ON HOLD, APPLE)


Flash Back.... Sunday Night....and here and now again

So, Robert says on Sunday that someone will get back to me on Monday.

Monday night around 7pm EST, I get a call on my cel phone from 512-674-2000. I missed the call


Back to now, Nelson had me on hold, Robert called me back, I put Nelson on hold, Robert could not get a hold of David Penn. I gave him Taryn Basauri ( number 800-APL-CARE 88 x7385
(Taryn Basauri  CPU T2  Boise  Ext. 7385  Reggie Camps). He said he would try and call her but there is nothing else he could do.

Now back with Nelson, he said he is going to process the whole thing again. Replacing the MacBook Pro 2.5 with the same unit. I said no, I said I had given Taryn my credit card for the MacBook Pro 2.6 $250 upgrade. He now has said he was going to put me on hold for 2 to 3 minutes and asked me if that is ok, of course I said No, so I am not on hold, just listening to him breathe.

He has come back and said it is going to take him a couple minutes more, and is still beathing.


Finally, Approval for a replacement

(Apple Care update - 5 minutes on hold with James)

So Rob explains to me that he can put the approval for a replacement MacBook Pro. I am so happy!!!!

He enters my phone number and stuff in his system, he explains that the replacement department is closed, as it was Sunday, but that they would call me on Monday with all the information

UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE - Breaking News

Ok, while still on hold with James, a Natalie from Apple called me on my cel phone. Sarah (the previous Apple Tech person who hung up on me) had given Natalie my info to call me to help get this resolved. While talking to Natalie, another incoming Apple call came in on my iPhone, and Low-and-Behold - it's Robert!!! - Apple Technician who approved the replacement system!

We discussed how somehow his original went through with an incorrect email address and ship to address. Robert just told me he was going to talk to David Penn and get right back to me

Ok, 2 minutes late, Nelson has now called me, James the last Apple Care guy who had me on hold for 20 minutes, while Natalie and Robert called, has apologized for all the problems and resolves to fix everything - I DOUBT IT

He has now taken my Ship To and Email address again! and promised to get back to me! I have of course said no! Put me on hold, tell me where to send this LEMON back to and lets move on!

I am now on hold


Trying Apple Care again .... and I continue

Calling Apple Care again, estimated wait time is 5 minutes or less.

So, I explain to the Apple Care technician that I have been having this ongoing problem with my Lemon Macbook Pro and I do not feel like I should now have to pay for Apple Care Support after my free 90 days.

(Now on the phone with James at Apple Care, explaining to him the deal)

So, back to my tech support call from last Sunday. I finally got the guy to agree to talk to me. I gave him the 10 to 15 minutes he needed to read through the log on his system about my case. And he could not come up with an answer. Geez, imagine that.

So, I asked for his supervisor. I listened to another 10 minutes of static while he had me on hold, waiting for a supervisor, and he came back on the line, and introduced me to Rob, another tech at Apple Care.

Rob (the first really nice person I have dealt with at Apple Care) read through my case and after a few minutes of discussing the whole story asked me "So, what do you think we should do?"

This is where I took a chance and said "It looks like the only solution is to replace the Macbook Pro"

After what seemed like 10 minutes of dead air on the phone, I said "Rob, are you there?" He said yes and he agreed! I almost fell off my chair!



And we continue

Still on hold with Sarah from Apple Care

So, I recently moved, had to wait for Time Warner to install cable for internet. Time Warner finally did install 2 weeks ago. I install a new just-bought Apple Express. I power up my Macbook Pro and I am surfing away.

I then power up my Mac Mini - and low and behold - no internet on my Macbook Pro!!

Oh no, it still does not work. And I notice that the screen on the Macbook Pro will go dim if you touch the cover. They messed it up even more at the Apple Store! This is ridiculous!

So last Sunday I call Apple Care once again. I give them the existing case number, and guess what? They do not want to talk to me cause it is past the 90 days of free support!!!!

(Shit, Apple Care just hung up on me after about 15 minutes of hold - thanks alot Sarah!!!!) Gotta call back


Flash Back ..... 5th Ave Calls

So, a few days later, the 5th Ave store calls to tell me that my MacBook Pro is back from repair and ready to be picked up.

I, once again, make the trek into Manhattan to retrieve my $2700 (what-was-practically-a-paper-weight) MacBook Pro.

At this point, things have become a little hectic in my personal life (another story - another blog?) and I use the MacBook Pro at home, but never had the chance to do extreme testing, stupidly taking Apple's word that it is fixed, I did not feel rugged testing would be necessary.

(BTW, Apple Care hold (static music on hold) is going on 5 minutes.


....Right Now...Again....

Sarah, at Apple Tech Support has put me on hold for 2 to 3 minutes to get me over to Customer Relations. Why the "F" is the Apple Music on hold so much static!!!

Sarah has apologized for putting me on hold, of course, and says she will be quick (Another 'lie' from an Apple employee?)


Ok, back to the story (while on hold with Apple Care)

So after many calls and wasted time, Tech Support finally said that it might be a hardware problem with the AirPort card in the MacBook Pro. So we set up an appointment at the Genius(less) Bar at the beautiful 5th Ave Store on a Thursday at 10pm.

I made the trek into Manhattan, gave them the Macbook Pro (thank god I did not have to sit there for hours to explain what is going on.....they were able to read the novel that they had in their computer about this Lemon Macbook Pro.

And I waited for the call that it was ready.....


....Jump to right now.....

Called Taryn Basauri ( who promised I would get the email from the return department today. Went right to her voice mail (again)

Now trying to talk to a human being who might be able to help me, but will probably just feed me more lies


The saga begins

On May 19, 2008 at 06:48 PM PDT I ordered a Macbook Pro 2.5 on the Apple website. On May 23, 2008 it was shipped via FEDERAL EXPRESS and a few days later, I happily got my beautiful new Macbook Pro at my office.

I immediately powered it up, and was up and running. It was a good thing.

Then I got it home, and the nightmare began!

The Wi-Fi access worked great at home, with my Apple Airport router. It was a beautiful thing. But, as soon as my roommate powered up his Macbook and got a Wi-Fi connection, I lost my connection!

Hmmm, I wonder what the problem could be. Was it the Airport? Was it the weather? I had no clue.

For the next several months, I replaced the AirPort, tried other Macbooks, tried none Apple routers, spent many a night on the phone with Apple Tech Support (and their staticty on-hold music) and no one could come up with a solution.

At other people's homes, on their wireless networks, the same thing happened. My $2700 Apple computer was not working.


I Got a Lemon, Not an Apple

I had to create this domain to tell the ongoing saga of a Macbook Pro that is a lemon, not the usual good Apple products I have dealt with in the past

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