Wednesday, July 12, 2017


OMG, iPhone still won't back up and Apple says wait for an update or reload the phone (which takes over 24 hours)

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017 01:15 PM Duration 40 minutes 48 seconds Donovan Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Donovan. How can I help you? ME: Hi Donavan. I have an open case. my iphone won't back up to the cloud any more. hasn't backuped in over a month. just checking on the status of my open case to see what is going on Donovan Hi Paul, I can help you with that previous case and your phone backup issues. Give me a moment to look over the notes. Donovan Thank you Paul for holding so I can catch myself up, so it looks like they reached out to our senior support for a fix to this account issues. I’m going to be reaching back out to senior support to get the status. Over a month seems way to long not to get contacted back. ME: no, no, my phone hasn't backed up to the cloud in over a month. i only reported the issue maybe a week ago :) Donovan Ohh okay thanks for verifying that. Okay give me just a moment so we can see where we are at with this iCloud fix. Donovan Okay I’m back, I have explained everything to our Senior Support Shannon, They will actually be farthing helping us out, is that okay? ME: yup Shannon Thanks for contacting Apple Support. My name is Shannon. Please give me a moment to look over your information. ME: ok, shannon, take your time :-) Shannon Hi Paul! I hope you are doing well today, aside from the issue you are having with your iPhone that is. Shannon :) Shannon I see that you are having some issues backing up the iPhone to iCloud. I would want to be sure that my data was secured as well. I will be happy to help you with this today! Shannon I was looking for the notes from this issue and I am only locating the case notes for the issue you were having with the iPhone restarting, did you start troubleshooting the iCloud issue with an advisor yet? ME: as far as the restarting issues, BART @ APPLE told me to either wait for the next ios update and maybe that will resolve the issues, or wipe the phone and reload and wait 24 hours before putting on apps and spending my time and energy debugging the issues for apple which I do not have the time to do as I am not getting paid by apple, so I have to live with the phone restarting, at least until the next update. so there was so premiliary debugging with the other tech about the phone not backing up, but eventually the tech said that it might be related to the issues with the phone restarting, so he told me to wait to see what BART said, but you know what BART said, so with that being said and I have to live with the phone restarting, it is now time to revisit the issue with the phone not backing up. so that is where i am now Shannon Ok, thank you!! I apologize for the inconvenience for the restarting. We can go ahead and look into the backup issue now. Shannon Just so you know, I am a Senior Advisor and I will be taking ownership of your case, allowing you and I to work together directly and reconnect directly if we need to continue beyond this session. We can work together going forward ensuring that you and I resolve this together. My email address is SHANNON @ APPLE I am available on: (US) Sun-Wed 9:30am to 8:30pm Eastern Time. Shannon May I have the Apple ID you use for iCloud on the iPhone? ME: ME: Shannon Wonderful! Thank you!! Please allow me just a moment to get that pulled up. Shannon Thank you for your patience. Shannon I am not seeing any issues with the account on this end, so we are good there. Shannon I understand that you do not receive any error message when you attempt the backup, is that correct? ME: correct Shannon Ok, thank you!! Shannon The next step would be to backup the iPhone to iTunes, then restore the device and install a fresh copy of the iOS software before we restore the backup to the device, will that be ok? ME: that's the only option? that is such a time consuming process (and the same answer I got from BART@apple about the phone rebooting issue) and I assume if I do that, I will have to call all 7 banks again to re-add my cards to my apple pay account, and I will have to wait the hours and hours it takes for all my apps and data to reload, is that all correct? Shannon Yes, that is correct. I can submit another escalation before we go that route if you would like, however the in my experience the resolution for this particular issue does require the device being restored. Shannon I can completely understand that the amount of time to restore the device takes awhile, so I am happy to double check with the engineers before we proceed. What ever is best for you. ME: well, I guess I need to find at least 24 hours free in my schedule (during business hours, so I can call the banks too) and until then, I guess I have to live with a semi-functioning iphone :-( (I am so sad and dissappointed once again with apple (but what can I do, I guess I drank the kool-aid :-) )) Shannon Again, I am very sorry for the inconvenience and issues you are facing. ME: why are you sorry? it's not your fault Shannon Yes, I know. But I never like to see an issue I am not able to resolve during the chat. I expect my devices to work as they should as well. :) Shannon When you are ready to proceed with restoring the device, you can chat back in or email me and we can setup a time to reconnect. Which ever works best for you. My email address is SHANNON @ APPLE I am available on: (US) Sun-Wed 9:30am to 8:30pm Eastern Time ME: I need to get a job working for apple, you guys have the best work week schedules Shannon :) They are quite nice. I enjoy 4 ten hour days as apposed to 5 eight hour days. ME: yup Shannon Apple is alway hiring! Apple - Jobs at Apple Shannon :) ME: hehehehe ME: ok, thanks Shannon Lol!! Shannon :) Shannon Do you have any other questions before we close the chat for now? ME: have a good weekend ME: that's it Shannon You as well! Shannon It has been my pleasure chatting with you today! If there is nothing more for now, I'll go ahead and end the chat here. Thank you for contacting Apple, have a great day and chat us back anytime!

Friday, July 7, 2017


iPhone still won't back up and is still randonly restarting

Friday, Jul 07, 2017 01:37 PM Duration 144 minutes 48 seconds Marquis Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Marquis. How can I help you? ME: Good morning Marquis ME: I have an open case 100227094960. Bart is the tech and he should be back at work, his schedule is Friday thru sunday 11 Eastern Marquis Good morning Paul! ME: trying to see if I can get back in contact with him to continue my support? Marquis Okay no worries please bear with me 2-3 minutes while I look over your information and I’ll see what I’ll be able to do in regards to getting you back in contact with him. Marquis Thanks for your patience, just to clarify I am looking some of the information over from your previous case with Bart. Is this about your iPhone unexpectedly restarting, correct? ME: yup ME: I had emailed him some information about what was happening when the phone crashed and when ME: like he asked Marquis Okay! ME: also, i followed his instructions to press both volume buttons and the power button to mark the incidents ME: with some kind of "secret" log file ME: and backed up the phone to the computer Marquis I can get you back in touch with a Senior Advisor unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get him back on the line for you. However would you like it if I reached out with a Senior Advisor now so that we can get you a quick resolution for the issue? ME: ummm, sounds great (and I will believe it when I see it as far as a "quick" resolution. I have a feeling this is going to take a long long long time to get resolved ME: :) Marquis Haha well hopefully not to long cause I see that you’ve been dealing with this for some time. If you can bear with me just a little whole longer I will consult with another Senior Advisor for you so we can get you on your way to a resolution! ME: bearing.................. Marquis The wait time is about a minute shouldn’t be much longer. ME: hmmmm :) Marquis I have a Senior Advisor by the name of Shelton in the next chat window for you Paul. Would you like to be transferred over to him at this time? ME: hmmm. do I have a choice? :) kidding. please xfer me thanks and have a great day Marquis Thanks You to Paul! Shelton Thanks for contacting Apple Support. My name is Shelton. Please give me a moment to look over your information. Shelton Hello and good day to you Paul ! My name is Shelton, a Senior Advisor here at Apple. Just want to let you know that I’m here with you till we get a solution for your issue with your phone. Shelton Here is my contact information & hours that I’m in the office should you need anything related to today’s case: SHELTON @ APPLE and I work Thursday through Sunday 6 am to 5 pm Eastern Time. ME: Hey Shelton Shelton How are you doing today besides your issue? ME: I'll give you a few minutes to read over my case.... ME: I guess I'm doing ok, who really knows. ME: just another day at work, nothing thrilling :) Shelton I can relate to that! I definitely hate to see that you are having issues with your phone restarting on you like that. I can imagine it is no fun dealign with it , so what we can do is go through a few more troubleshooting steps and questions in order to get a solution if that works for you? ME: i guess i have no choice :) ME: what do you want me to do (that I already have not done (as requested by BART @ APPLE)) ? Shelton You have lots of choices, but I just want to be sure that we get you taken care of and I do all I can for you. I see where he tried to do a chat back with you but was unable to , so I am looking at his notes now to see what the plan was so we can get you taken care of. ME: Do I have a choice of you just sending me a new iPhone 7 plus as a replacement? :) Shelton We certainly can set up the phone to be taken in to a location, or mailed in to be checked for hardware issues. I know thy like to be sure that the issue is not related to the software and will just be transferred back to the phone after a repair or rrepalcment , which is why the last senior advisor was working with you. Shelton replacement* Shelton Did you want me to pull up some service locations or set up a mail in repair for you? ME: no, i was joking, sorry. I am 99.9% sure it is software related. I did what ibart told me to do when the phone rebooted to get some kind of log file (pressing both volumes and power) but how do i get the log file to apple so it can be looked at to see if maybe there is something there that will explain what is going on with the phone? Shelton Ah okay, cool! Yeah what I can do is send you a link to upload the file. Once done, I can send it to the engineers here. ME: well, I just googled ME: and I see that the logs are here.... ME: C:\Users\\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\iPhone-67d4y749 Shelton Correct,t hats it. Shelton C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\[device name] Shelton Move that file to the desktop, and open the email I’m about to send and upload it there. ME: which file or files do you want? Shelton Right click on your phone’s name, go down to “Send to” and then choose compressed file (or zipped file). ME: you want everything in that folder? Shelton Yes, in the file for your phone’s name. ME: ummm, I am assuming that iPhone-97d42949 is my phones name? Shelton Yes, that it! Shelton I also just sent the email to upload the file. ME: do you need me to forward the email to you that I sent to BART @ APPLE indicating approxiamate times when the phone restarted this past week and what applications I was running? Shelton I have it in the notes already for us. Shelton Looks like he already saved it! ME: oh, ok ME: he saved it on this case 100233285205 or the original case 100227094960 (or the other case I have open where I can't back up to the icloud anymore :) ) ? Shelton Cool, yes I have it up. I am saving everything under case 100227094960 just in case you need it. Shelton Were you able to send the files already? ME: yea, a while ago, do you see them? Shelton Not yet, let me check once more. While I do that, do you mind running a diagnostic test on the phone so I can get the latest results of the phone’s operation? If so, just go to Settings>Privacy> Analytics or (Diagnostics and Usage)> then start diagnostics. ME: running Shelton Awesome. ME: phone says "waiting for support...." Shelton Great, just got it and looking over it. You can close out of it. I still didn’t get the files. Did it have you send it to an email, or upload it to a link? ME: upload ME: do you want me to email the .zip file? ME: it is 812.9 mb ME: a little large :( Shelton No, the upload is fine, I just wanted to make sure I am looking in the correct location. ME: I can dropbox it to you if you want ME: or google files ME: ok Shelton No worries, it should be loading into the system now, I just need to wait till it refreshes everything on my side. Everything for the test results looks good, except the storage may be getting a little low. Let me look over the chat from when you first contacted us so I can see exactly what they did already if you don’t mind? ME: maybe be getting a little low? storage is definitely very low. I am constantly deleting stuff. the phone becomes so slow that it is usuable at times. ME: i don't mind ME: 90% of the stuff on my phone appears to be attachments in imessages which as you know don't get off-lined in icloud ME: waiting for the amazing next version of ios to hopefully get some of that stuff to the cloud ME: and off the phone ME: and also probably, since my contract is up with AT&T in October, i guess I will have to upgrade to the next iphone (and this time get at least 256gb storage (since I love to keep everything on the phone :) ) ) ME: (or maybe there will be a new phone with 512gb) ME: (or 1TB :) ) ME: (do you have any insider info? :) hehehehehe ) Shelton I wish they would give us the skinny on the new products! Well yes technically, it is low, about 2.27GB free right now, but we normally don’t see issues until under 1GB. Once the phone does get below 1GB, it can start to restart, remove data, and have a shorter battery life because it doesn’t have enough memory to operate the phone. ME: brb, getting coffee :) ) Shelton Okay cool, I am finishing up the review and should be done once you get back. ME: back Shelton Awesome ! So I see where the last Senior Advisor was having you to collect that data when it crash and check to be sure all your apps were updated, but did they have you do anything such clear out more storage space, or restore your phone using iTunes? ME: no, did not have me clear out anything ME: or restore Shelton Cool. So what I want to do for us is go and clear out some storage space on the phone that is not needed. ME: ummmm, like i said, 90% of the stuff on the phone is in imessages ME: how do i clear that out? Shelton Cool. so to clear that out just delete the message conversations directly from he Message app. You can also go to Settings>Messages, and set to delete messages after 1 month, or a year, and it will automatically clear out the older ones. ME: ummm, but I need to save some of the messages. how can I do that, and then delete from my phone? Shelton I see. If you want to save the messages, they would need to stay on the phone in order to have access to them. If some of the messages have pictures or other media saved to them, you can save them to your phone, then delete that picture/video from the message conversation. Shelton If you want to try and reeve other data and save the messages, we can look into some other places to make space also. ME: yea, I know, a time consuming processing, you know that ME: like I said, I have been dealing with little space for over a year ME: I have been deleting unnecessary apps and stuff for a while ME: and the messages keep filling up ME: I guess I am going to have to break down and buy a third party app to back up the messages offline ME: if you say this needs to be done before the next version of iOS which supposedly is going to let me back up messasge attachments to the cloud ME: or should I just download the ios beta and test it? ME: that would be free, instead of paying for a third party app to back up the messages offline? Shelton Yeah they don’t tell us all the details as far as features like being able to save messages off-line, only what is on the website for the preview. I would not suggest doing the Beta software since it could potentially cause more issues, being that it is still in a testing phase and I don’t want you to have any other issues with your phone. What we can do though, is try to look for other data that we may not need if you want to keep your message, but not use a third party app. ME: ok, what data do you suggest? Shelton Let’s go to Settings>General>Storage and Usage> and under the Storage section, select Manage. From here, what 4 apps are taking up the most space, and how much is each one using? ME: messages 10gb ME: flipboard 3 ME: photos 2 ME: momento 1 ME: delete flipboard? Shelton Oaky cool. And for Photos, if you use iCloud photo library (if not already), it will load the full size photos to iCloud, and save the smaller size file version to your phone to save space. Just select to Maximize space in the settings on the phone under Photos. ME: I use icloud ME: do you want me to delete flipboard"? Shelton Okay, yeah if you have iCloud photo Library and Optimize photo storage on under Settings>Photos, then you are good to go. Yes, if you down need clipboard, then delete it. ME: yes, photos are optimized already for storage .. And I don't "need" flipboard, but I use flipboard. ME: so I have no choice ME: now what do you want me to do? ME: did you get the log files? Shelton Cool, and yes, they are in the system. Shelton If you look over the apps in the storage settings, do all of them add up to about 50Gb of space used? Shelton Are you still there? ME: I guess so ME: there are about 100 apps ME: listed in the store ME: in the storage ME: sorry Shelton Okay, just wanted to be sure that it added up. After deleting any apps that you don’t need, go to Settings>Safari, and clear the website data and history. Shelton This will make some more space. ME: ummm, that is not really going to free up too much, I mostly use chrome :) Shelton I see, yeah every little bit helps. If Chrome has that option in settings, do it there as well. Shelton Also, remove any call logs, voicemails that you don’t need, be sure to go to the Deleted section under Voicemails, and remove them from there as well. Shelton After that, doublet tap the Home button, and swipe upwards to close all apps. How many apps do you see open? ME: this is a pain in the butt, have like a hundred robocalls in the call log :( Shelton Yeah I can imagine that it is no fun having to deal with all this and go through clearing out space. I had to do it for my phone before. I do want to make sure that we get your issue resolved with the phone restarting and the performance though. ME: lots of apps open ME: it used to be so much easier to close apps in the previous ios ME: how can I close all apps? ME: when I double tap and swipe up , i get the setting screen Shelton Yeah in the other iOS, the apps would automatically close once switching, but in this one, to close them, you have to swipe each one up and close them. ME: each one? please hold, lots open Shelton Swipe upwards not he settings screen to to close it. Shelton on the* Shelton Sure, no worries. ME: and how are you going to be sure that the issue is resolved, if we don't know what is causing it? ME: does the logs say what is causing it? ME: are you just speculating that it is a space issue? Shelton What I am doing is sending all the logs and information that you gave me and Barton, and sending it to the engineers so they can analyze it. They will most likely tell us that it is a storage issue, but want to be 100% sure. The low storage and having lots of apps open is usually the cause, and the steps we are doing now will take care of it. ME: brb, I have a client who can't print. I gotta go investigate her issue Shelton Cool beans. Shelton How’s it going? Shelton Are you still there? ME: back ME: resetting the printer Shelton Okay cool, wanted to check on you! ME: what do you want me to do now? Shelton Were you able to close all the apps? About how many where open? ME: yes, lots, probably ever app on my phone. I used to everyone once and a while close them all because people said it speeds the phone up. then i heard a conflicting tech story that it doesn't speed things up, it does the opposite, so i dont' close them anymore. does apple have an official SOP about whether or not to close apps? Shelton I see. Yeah I have heard similar things. The phone is able to iterate to where you don’t have to close all the app after each use, but, like any computer, the more things you have operating in the background, the more the phone has to work. Like juggling multiple jobs at once. So it is good to close the apps and restart your phone at least once a week. Shelton Once all the apps are close, restart the phone by holding the home and Sleep/awake buttons for 15 seconds. ME: sorry ME: phone has been reset Shelton Great! Once the phone powers back on, let it charge to 100%, then test it out through the day. The phone’s logs were sent to the engineers and since I will be out of the office, I have Barton, the last Senior Advisor you were working with before, that will reach out to you to make sure that this resolves the issue, and if the engineers have other steps, do that with you. ME: oh so ME: nothing definitely fixed yet ME: ok ME: have a great day Shelton What do you mean by “nothing fixed yet”, did it restart on its own again? ME: ummm, not yet ME: but if it is a space issue, then I guess apple should not advertise this as a 64gb phone if you can't use all 64gb, right? Shelton Okay cool, just wanted to be sure. The phone is 64GB, but the software used to operate the phone has to take up space, just like how a computer’s operating system takes up a portion of the space. Else it would be just a fancy peace of hardware that doesn’t do anything. ME: yes, i know the ios takes up space ME: but if I can't take up all the rest of the space without the IOS crashing, what is the point of the rest of the space? ME: if the ios needs some of the damn space itself, it should block that off and not let me ever use it if is going to need it to keep from crashing, right? Shelton I can understand where you are coming from. The phone does block off some space for the software, but the issue is that the phone doesn’t have any space to operate. A good ideal would be to have two separate memory components on the phone, one specifically for the software and the other for personal data. Kind o f like computers are now. But in this situation, it will still cause the phone to operate slow if the user storage space is also filled up. Shelton I am confident that the steps we did will resolve the issue, especially now that we closed all the apps. But to be are that we get you taken care of, Barton will email you in a few days once he gets the results from the tests we did to be sure. Shelton I know it is no fun having to deal with storage issues so to be sure that I do all I can for you, another thing we can do is leave feedback for Apple and the phone specifically through this link. It is the one place they take hat you say and make changes to the updates if needed. I can also submit feedback for you on my end as well if that works for you? ME: so does closing apps free up space? ME: do i need to l close apps daily? weekly? hourly? monthly? Shelton Yes as mentioned earlier, it is good to close all apps and restart your phone at lest once a week. The more apps that are running and the less storage space available, the harder the phone’s processor has to work, which will cause issues with the phone’s performance,, the ability to save new data, and restarting. ME: ok, do you happen to have a link to an official apple article that states that please? Shelton The details that I gave you are not seen on the customer’s side because it is more in-depth, but they do have articles out that talk about closing apps and things to do when the phone restarts or has slow performance. I can send those to you if you want? ME: sure Shelton Cool, I will send that to you as soon as the chat ends. Did you want to also fill out the feedback link together about the phone’s storage? ME: I don't have time now for that. I need to go help 2 other people who are having computer issues here :( ME: my phone here at work has been ringing off the hook :( ME: have a great weekend Shelton I understand. I have been there before, go ahead and take care of them! Now I know we still have to go through a few things before know for sure your issue is totally fixed, but just to make sure that i took care of you, do you agree we have a resolution for our chat now by testing out what we did and waiting for us to contact you back with the results for the test? Also, are you happy with me as your advisor? ME: sure, very happy, couldn't be more happy, you made me the happiest i have ever been :) i'll be sure to let apple know. have a great one Shelton Thanks! Its been great chatting with you Paul. We will be in touch, but chat back if you need us before then. Take care and have a great day!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


iPhone won't back up to the icloud in over a month :(

Wednesday, Jul 05, 2017 06:46 PM Duration 65 minutes 41 seconds Samakae Thanks for contacting iOS. My name is Samakae. How can I help you? Samakae Hello how are you doing today? ME: Hi Samakae, my iphone won't back up to icloud anymore. hasn't backed up since 6/2/17 ME: I'm not doing good ME: but that's not your fault Samakae I would be happy to help resolve this issue today! I may have a few questions to ensure I’m assisting to the best of my abilities, sound good? ME: yup ME: ask away Samakae Okay how long has this issue been going on? ME: ummm, since 6/2/17 at 11:40pm when the last time it backed up to icloude Samakae Okay . No does your device backup on its own? ME: yes, I backed it up to a computer about 2 hours ago Samakae Okay and when you backed it up to the computer what is it saying? Samakae Are you using iCloud with iOS, macOS, or Windows? ME: ummm, I connect the iphone to a laptop computers, I opened iTunes, I clicked on the "back up now" button in tunes under where it says "manually back up and restore" and now, under latest backups: it says, and I quote "Your iphone has never been backup up to icloud. Today 3:20pm to this computer" (and why the heck is says that it has been been backup up to icloud on the iTunes (for windows) and why is says on the phone itself (last backup on 6/2/17) is a mystery to me) I am using icloud with iOS on the iphone 6s plus with the latest ios and I am using icloud and iTunes (latest version) on a windows 7 pc\ Samakae Do you get any error messages when you try to backup? ME: nope ME: when I start the backup on the phone, it says estimating......., then about 1 hour remaining, sometimes 2, the status bar goes across for a while ME: eventually it just goes back to the icloud backup screen ME: and displays the message indicating the last backup was 6/2/17 ME: no messages ME: no errros ME: no nothing ME: :( Samakae Awesome! Lets jump into some troubleshooting steps and hopefully together we can get this resolved. If we can’t seem to come to a solution on this chat, we always have additional support or service options we can look into! ME: I'm waiting.................. ME: and waiting................... ME: still there? ME: hello? ME: anyone home? ME: oooh.. there are the 3 dots, you are awake :) Samakae I am here just gathering up the right information to tell you. Samakae Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. I ME: I'm there ME: and? Samakae Go to Settings > iCloud. Tap your Apple ID and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID password. Samakae Check whether iCloud Backup is available on the Apple ME: so after I go to Settings my name icloud icloud backup, you want me to go back to settting icloud? ME: huh? ME: available on the Apple? ME: on the Apple what? ME: you told me to go to setting my name icloud icloud backup Samakae Apple System Support page. ME: that is where I went first ME: where is the apple system support page? Samakae Go to Settings > iCloud. Tap your Apple ID and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID password. Check whether iCloud Backup is available on the Apple System Support page. Samakae The link is this chat. ME: there is no "icloud" under "settings" ME: ummmm I am chatting on my PC Samakae If iCloud Backup couldn’t be completed or you can’t restore this is the steps I have you following I will give you a few minutes to look it ove. ME: "icloud" used to be under settings in a previous IOS. now they have combines "icloud", "apple ID", etc in the latest IOS ME: is that where you want me to go? Samakae Yes did you look over the article I just sent you because this is what I have you following? ME: which article? ME: there is no article Samakae If iCloud Backup couldn’t be completed or you can’t restore Samakae This one. ME: OMG, I already read that article hours ago!!!! and of course none of that helped. that is why I contacted support, because there is no article on apple that fixed my issue! Samakae Okay let me get another brain on the chat. Samakae Have you tried to restart your device? ME: OMG! it has not backed up since 6/2, over a month! My device has been restarted dozens of times since then!!! ME: where's the other "brain"? Samakae Okay I understand your frustrated let me get another brain on the chat okay? ME: I'm been trying to resolve this myself for over a month, without bothering the "brains" at apple ME: I did all the "scripted" things Samakae I understand. ME: sorry to bother you guys ME: you already said you were going to get another "brain" Samakae You are not bothering us this is what we are here for to help the best way we can. ME: now you have said it twice and still no other "brain" ;-( Samakae Contacting now. Samakae Thank you for being patient with me I have Ken on the chat that will help you also. Is it okay if I transfer you over? ME: sure ME: thanks Samakae, have a great day, thanks ME: Hi Ken Samakae Thank you and you do the same. Ken Thanks for contacting Apple Support. Please give me a moment to look over your information. Ken Hi Paul! Thank you for taking the time to reach out and chat with me in iOS technical support. I am Ken a Senior Advisor. From here I will take ownership of your case and will be happy to work with you until we find a good resolution. Ken Please give me a few more moments to fully read over all of your chat interactions with us related to this issue. Also you may have my contact info incase we lose chat. You may email me at KEN @ APPLE My schedule is 1pm-12am Eastern Standard Time Monday-Weds, and Sat ME: awwww, cute email :) Ken Thanks! I took it first! ME: nice, 4 day work week ME: I need a job like that :) Ken Yea, its been pretty nice. I get to work on projects when I am off. ME: very cool Ken Thanks! So from what I am seeing so far, we are unable to back up to iCloud or its taking a very long time. You haven’t been be able to back up for nearly a month. Is that correct so far? ME: yup ME: over a month actually ME: according to iphone last backup was 6/2 I think Ken Thanks! And those are great steps and articles you followed so far! There are a few more troubleshooting steps I would be glad to guide you through to see if we can fix this issue in chat. If we come up to a time intensive task I will need to end chat with you, but you will be able to reach back out to me via my contact information if need be ok? ME: yup Ken Would you be comfortable with screen sharing to help resolve this issue? ME: of course Ken Before we start I must ask if you are over the age of 18? ME: yup ME: I wish I wasn't ME: :) Ken Me either! Lol, Id do it all over again. ME: which screen do you want to see tho? ME: my PCs? or the iphone? :) Ken This will be in your PC. We will need to interact with iTunes and iCloud over the internet. ME: oh ok ME: sure ME: no prob Ken Cool! To start make sure you are not currently in full screen mode…. …Do not close the Live Chat window on ( i.e. Safari, Chrome or firefox etc.) that you initiated chat on and please keep the Live Chat window open…. ….Please click this web link >>> Apple Screen Share. Your session key is 7247748 Take your time to follow the steps given to download and open the application. It is already set up on my side. ME: hmmm, do I need to update my java for the key to work? Ken Is it asking you to update Java? ME: ummm, yup Ken Let me see if I can email it to you. Ken Are you still there? ME: yup Ken Ok, connected. ME: ok Ken Thanks. ME: de nada

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Waiting for a Tow Truck from Agero and Progressive forever

Paul: Initial Question/Comment: I have been waiting over 4 fours for a tow truck from roadside assistance. Is this the kind of customer service I should expect from Progressive?
System: A consultant will be with you in just a moment.
System: Joe C has joined this session!
System: Connected with Joe C. Your reference number for this chat session is 4672848.
Joe C: Hi Paul, my name is Joe. Thanks for chatting with us today! Give me just a moment to pull up your policy.
Joe C: Hello Paul! I'm sorry your tow truck hasn't arrived. Have you contacted Agero to let them know?
Paul: of course I have contact them over and over and over and over and every time, the response is "we are in traffic, it will be 30 minutes more"
Paul: so I am pretty much screwed
Paul: right?
Paul: I am at the mercy of the tow truck driver and their feeble lame stories
Paul: right?
Paul: I have absolutely no recourse
Paul: I just have to sit here and wait
Paul: and there is nothing the customer can do
Paul: right?
Paul: so this is the customer service that I get?
Joe C: I'll be happy to submit a complaint about the service from Agero.
Paul: I take it from you typing and never hitting enter, that I am pretty much screwed
Paul: geez, what will a complaint filed get me?
Joe C: I'll be happy to call Agero to see what the status is for you.
Paul: I told you what the status is! they are in traffic and they will be here in 30 minutes!
Paul: how do I get them to pay for the rental car I have to get because I could not get my car in the shop all day?
Paul: would you be happy to get my rental car paid for?
Joe C: You would need to call Agero and ask to speak with a supervisor.
Paul: but my contact is not with Agero, it is with progressive, right?
Paul: I don't pay Agero
Paul: I pay progressive
Paul: Agero doesn't care about me
Joe C: Your policy is with us, the roadside assistance is through Agero.
Paul: I don't pay them
Paul: so I pay Aego?
Paul: Agero?
Paul: I did not hire Agero
Paul: you guys did
Joe C: I'm calling out to Agero to see if I can have a supervisor contact you.
Joe C: What is the best number they can reach you at please?
Paul: again, I guess I have no recourse, if I make a complaint with progressive, the company will probably just go and drop me, not wanting to insure people who complain
Paul: 516-606-XXXX
Paul: but I don't want my premiums to go up
Joe C: Thank you! Please bear with me while I contact them.
Paul: I guess I should just sit here and take it
Joe C: I do apologize they are taking so long to reach you.
Paul: why do you apologize? it's not your fault
Paul: Apologies are like dandelions, they’re pretty enough, and they sprout up fast, but they don’t have much substance. :)
Joe C: Thank you for your patience.
Joe C: I'm waiting for a representative to answer.
Joe C: I do apologize, thank you again for your patience.
Paul: good luck, it took me longer on hold with them then with progressive
Paul: ok, please, enough with the apologies, please
Joe C: Thank you for your patience. I'm speaking with them now.
Joe C: They are calling out to the tow company. You waiting 4 hours is unacceptable.
Paul: what does that mean?
Paul: they have done that already
Paul: and they said that they are stuck in traffic and it will be 30 minutes
Paul: ok, so what do I get for waiting over 4 hours?
Paul: (now it is almost 5 hours btw)
Joe C: The tow company has just advised Agero their driver had a flat tire.
Joe C: The driver is on the way to your location now.
Paul: you know that is BS, right?
Joe C: If you would like Agero can cancel that tow company and request a new one.
Paul: so again, you and Agero said that it is acceptable to wait over 4 hours. So what do I get? Just an acknowledgement that it is unacceptable?
Paul: so, what? my options are to cancel, and wait another 4 hours on the street in the dark? or again, be at the mercy of this tow company and wait for them?
Paul: if you were me, Joe, what would you do?
Paul: (and thank god you are not me)
Paul: (no one should be this unlucky)
Paul: Joe, what would you do?
Paul: and what if anything, will be done for the customer?
Paul: so kind of retribution? or just raise my rates?
Joe C: I completely understand your frustration. Your rates would not increase because of roadside.
Paul: ok, you answered the second question first. what about the first question?
Joe C: The only options are to wait for the current tow company to get there or they can request a new tow company.
Paul: Joe, what would you do?
Joe C: Unfortunatley, I can't say what I would do.
Paul: and what if anything, will be done for the customer?
Paul: So what do I get? Just an acknowledgement that it is unacceptable?
Joe C: Unfortunatley, all I can do is apologize for the delay.
Joe C: Did the tow company driver contact you?
Joe C: Paul are you still with me?
Joe C: I haven't heard back from you and would still like to help. If you are unable to reply during this chat session, please log out of your policy and log in with a different internet browser to start a new chat session.
Joe C: I'm sorry I haven't heard back from you. I hope you have a great evening and thank you for using our live chat service to contact Progressive. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us again.
System: Joe C has left this session!
System: The session has ended!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dell MFP 2335dn Fuser Error

Ok, so we have this Dell MFP 2335dn which is about 2 years old. And today up comes a "Fuser Error".

So, I do the usual, google Fuser Error 2335 and it gives me a link to Dell's (cheesy) tech support site. It says open the back door (and show's a broken link to a what-I-assume-must-have-been picture of the back door). Step 2 - open the fuser door, with another broken link image) - Step 3, close the doors, power on.

Of course, this doesn't fix the problem, so now I have to actually call Dell Tech Support - ON NO!.

So I call, and while on hold for the first person, I decide to check the warranty on the printer, remembering that I had actually purchased the extended warranty on this machine because of past bad experienced with Dell MFP machines.......guess what, the warranty expired exactly 10 days ago!!! SHIT!

Ok, so of course, the first guy picks up the phone, asks me all the usual information, service tag, name, company name, email address, call back number, shoe size, date of birth, color of hair, and so on and I give it to him. He looks up the warranty and says (as I already know) "It expired" - NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

He is going to have to transfer to sales...........

Transferred........on hold another 10 minutes......sales picks up.....

once again the same questions ....service tag, name, company name, email address, call back number, shoe size, date of birth, color of hair, and so on and I give it to her.

And she says we can extend the warranty, for only $69....DO IT. I give her the information, she gets me the order number.....and it's back to hold for tech support

20 minutes later, same questions, service tag, name, company name, email address, call back number, shoe size, date of birth, color of hair, and so on and I give it to him. And tech support says the warranty is expired! On no, I say, I have the order number! I give that to him....and he puts me on hold (Why do that always ask if it is ok to put me on hold while they look something up - Of course it's not ok, but what frigging choice do I have). He comes back after 5 minute and says, ok, I can transfer you to tech support! SHIT!

Another 20 minutes, same questions, you get the idea. And the technician says "What's the problem?" "Fuser Error" I say, he says the warranty is expired, I say no, here's the order number......ok, good, "Is it ok if I put you on hold for 3-5 minutes?" "No, I say, but go ahead"

He comes back and says since it is part of the printer, we can ship out a replacement that you will have within 24-72 hours!!!!

I say, no, I paid for the 24 hour turn around, he gives me the bullshit story about how they can't control the shipper once the parts leave them.....whatever, ship it

Only took a total of 84 minutes from start to finish. Now lets see when the replacement unit gets here


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Now what?

I have no clue what to do. I am so frustated. I told the tech to go help someone else and hung up on him


reset sync history?

Ok, we are trying to sync after we reset sync history. Of course it is not working. He asked me for my suggestion, which of course is to send me a 3GS. He said he can't

Next step is to try a restore. But if we restore and then load 3.0, aren't we going to be at the same place?

He wants to try a restore!!! I FUCKING HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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