Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Now what?

I have no clue what to do. I am so frustated. I told the tech to go help someone else and hung up on him


reset sync history?

Ok, we are trying to sync after we reset sync history. Of course it is not working. He asked me for my suggestion, which of course is to send me a 3GS. He said he can't

Next step is to try a restore. But if we restore and then load 3.0, aren't we going to be at the same place?

He wants to try a restore!!! I FUCKING HATE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


next step

ok, let's just try syncing the applications, Raymond says. So we unselect everything, click "Apply" and........"Backing up Paul's iPhone...."

"Can I put you on hold?" "What if I say "No"?" So he just asks the guy next to him for help.....

Now I hear nothing......did he mute me?

No, he's there.....let's try syncing everything but applications......I check and uncheck, click "apply" and.......

"backing up.........." SHIT!!!!!


Here we go again.........

So, 2 and half hours into the syncing, it was about 60% through the back up.....and low and beholf, someone calls me!!! Shit, I did not answer the phone, but I guess that stops the process anyway. And itunes reported "backing up iphone".....from scratch!! OH NO!

Guess what, time to call tech support!

On the phone now with Andrew Raymond at Apple Tech Support.....I explained what happened, he said that if I have facebook on my iphone, facebook saves every picture I have ever looked at on the phone and that is what is taking so long. BS of course

He said uninstall facebook and re-sync. BUT I CAN'T SYNC! Cause the initial back up is taking years....

"Do you mind if I put you on hold" he asks and I say yes......

2 minutes, he comes back....what USB port do you have the phone plugged in? The one on the front? I say "No, on the side, it's a MacBook"

Have you tried rebooting the phone and computer.........?

No, let's try it.....

While we are rebooting, he asks if I have played with any of the new features yet, making small talk? OF COURSE NOT, it has been backing up for the past 3 hours!!!!

Back on hold........


damn, this iphone backup is slow

only about 50% done with the backup............


still syncing

about 10% through the backup......


iPhone 3.0

Ok, might as well start now. Just installed the Iphone 3.0 update and after the install, my apps were gone! So now I am sync, let's see what happens

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


On the phone now with AT&T

Ok, if I were to cancel now, it is only $130. So if I buy the new iPhone I pay $499 + $18. If I cancel, I pay $130 + $299, only $429!

So you tell me, does it make sense? I ask the guy on the phone to give me a good reason why AT&T would charge more than the cancellation fee to upgrade, and even before I give him a chance to answer, I tell him I know he does not have an answer.

Supervisor got on the phone. Of course the answer was that they can not do a thing because of the contract with Apple. So I said how about giving a deal on the AT&T services. No, he can't do that either.

Ok, I said, what about your supervisor? "I will have him call you, but he is out of the office until Monday" Ok, his supervisor? Ok, he can call you within 24 hours

But there is nothing any of them can do.

So he gives me the "Is there anything else I can do to help?" and I say, well, you have not done anything to help yet, so how can there be anything else?

And we go around like this for a minute or two, he says that this call is being very unproductive. And I hang up

Over it already

Stay tuned for my next steps.......


WTF - Apple & ATT want to screw those who own and use their products?

Oh my god, I can not believe it when someone told me I would have to pay $499 + $18 to upgrade my iPhone 3G to the 3G s!!!

But it's true. It would be cheaper to cancel me contract, pay the $175 cancellation fee and buy a new phone for $299, right?

Ok, let's call AT&T and talk to them

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